Through the holiday season, many areas of Haiti have returned to relative calm. The remaining schools plan to open January 6th.  

Despite the many hardships brought on by severe political unrest and economic crisis in 2019, our Haitian & Dominican partners & friends have also achieved incredible successes. It is these successes we will build upon as we move forward in 20|20.  

While it is uncertain what the coming months will hold, and to what extent the Haitian government will recover and rebuild, we are moving forward with key projects and goals in 20|20.

We invite you to Catch the Vision 20|20 with Rayjon!

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To learn more about what Rayjon is doing in each of our four key project areas (Empowerment of Women, Health, Education, and Eyeglass Program), please visit our CAUSES Page. You can read personal stories about Haitians and Dominicans who are overcoming some immense challenges on our STORIES Page.

Join us in 20|20 as we continue to support partners in Haiti and the Dominican Republic to enhance their well-being and capacity. 

The political crisis in Haiti will not be resolved overnight. The most vulnerable continue to suffer while power remains in the hands of corrupt leaders and ganglords. The cost of living remains extraordinarily high.

Any effort to provide assistance to Haitians must be well-informed, and aware of the many complex layers and history behind the current situation. We recommend the following articles as a starting point to understanding the Haitian situation:

“Haiti’s Blackouts Are Both Electrical and Emotional” by Greg Beckett, October 28, 2019
“Haiti Is in the Streets” by Amy Wilentz, October 24, 2019
“Demonstrators in Haiti Are Fighting for an Uncertain Future” by Edwidge Danticat, October 10, 2019 

Special Project Updates from Rayjon, Fall 2019: Accounts of events as they unfolded in Rayjon project sites