Organizational Structure

Rayjon Organogram 2017

Board of Directors: An elected board that meets monthly to discuss and make decisions on issues pertinent to the organization. Although certain Board members have specific responsibilities, as set out below, all Board members are expected to attend Board meetings and contribute in a manner which advances Rayjon, in the most effective way possible, to achieve its vision, mission and goals.

President: This is a non-voting position on the Board of Directors, with responsibility for strategic direction of the organization. For the next year, the President has taken on responsibility for the strategic direction of Rayjon Trips.

Chairperson: The Chair of the Board presides at all meetings of the Board and leads the Board to create short and long term strategies to effectively and responsibly carry out its mandate.

Vice-Chairperson: The Vice-Chair is a resource to the Chairperson in providing leadership to the Board and acting in the place of the Chair as required.

Financial Director: This Board position oversees financial operations of Rayjon, provides financial advice and guidance to the Board and liaises with the Auditor selected by the Board to ensure the completion of audited financial statements.

Project Director: The Project Director is the Board member who provides direction and is the day to day liaison with the Project Manager.

Health and Safety Director: This Board position provides advice to the Board and trip leaders about appropriate medical and safety precautions for trip participants and about medical matters in connection with community development projects.

Secretary: The Secretary accurately records actions of the Board and maintains official records of Board meetings.

Part-Time Executive Director. The Executive Director reports to the Board and is responsible for overseeing various Rayjon administrative initiatives.. This was a new position, which was created and filled for the first time in 2012.

Project Manager: The Project Manager is responsible to the Rayjon Board and Project Committee to monitor and evaluate community development projects in Haiti and Dominican Republic. The Project Manager reports to the Board, but receives day to day direction and guidance from the Project Director.


Trips Committee: The trips committee reviews all requests for Rayjon Trips including Awareness Trips, Work Trips and Project Engagement Trips and makes recommendations to the Board with respect to the approval of trips, trip safety and policy.

Community Engagement Committee: This Committee is responsible for fundraising, outreach/awareness, and coordinating volunteering for events. Sub-Committees include:

Fall Fair Committee – Organizes and executes the Rayjon Fall Fair, one of Rayjon’s biggest fundraisers. The Fall Fair takes place in September.

Women Helping Women Committee – Organizes and executes the Women Helping Women event in April of each year since 2012.

Pasta Fest Committee – Organizes and executes the Pasta Fast each November since 2011

Finance Team: The Finance team is comprised of the Director of Finance, the Executive Director and those volunteers within Rayjon who carry out financial activities including donation acceptance, trips accounting, account reconciling and audit readiness. The team provides a coordinating function and assists the Finance Director in his role.

Rayjon Projects Committee: This Committee works with the Project Director and Project Manager to oversee the three Community Development projects supported by Rayjon, and recommends an Annual Project Budget to the Board

Fund Development Committee: Provides strategic recommendations to the Board of Directors and committees of Rayjon Share Care regarding fund development in order to ensure long-term financial stability.