Why Haiti and the Dominican Republic?


The Founding members of Rayjon, being Ray Wyrzykowski and John Barnfield, first visited Haiti in 1986. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and the needs were evident. As subsequent trips to Haiti took place, relationships were formed between communities who needed and wanted help from Rayjon and people who supported Rayjon and who wanted to help. The government of Canada has identified Haiti as a “country of priority.” It is Rayjon’s goal to support efforts towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals┬áin Haiti.

Political unrest and natural disasters from time to time prevented trips to Haiti and made support difficult. In 2010, Rayjon began to also support a community development project in Consuelo, Dominican Republic, which welcomed Rayjon Awareness trips. The beneficiary neighbourhood in Consuelo (Barrio 41) is largely comprised of Haitian migrants.