Art Contest: Local To Global, Stronger Together

International Women's Day is March 8th. To celebrate we're hosting a contest for local women artists.

Want to empower other women with your art? Does your art celebrate the strength, dignity, or other awesomeness of women? Does your art speak to an issue important to women around the world? 

Submit your entries to our art contest to inspire—and for a chance to win!

Prizes & Sponsors

We’re putting together the prize package. Details will be announced soon!

Would you like to enjoy more art by talented women artists? Check out Tapestry 2030 podcast + illustration series Rayjon is a part of in partnership with the Ontario Council for International Cooperation.

Tapestry 2030 focuses on the future of international cooperation and global solidarity, and the partnerships needed for gender transformative, sustainable development.

“Women’s leadership is important to me because women are mothers of  life…When women decide for the community, they do great things, they do the right things.” 

– Bénicie Pierre