Congratulations, Graduates!

120 Adults Can Now Read and Write

Following the graduation of the very first class of students from the 3 year Alpha Adult Literacy Program last August (2017), we are once again thrilled to report a very successful scholastic year. In 2017-2018 a total of 120 adults (112 women and 8 men) participated in Alpha Literacy Classes in Haiti. 98% of these students successfully passed their final exams in June 2018!

“When I was little, my parents had no possibility of sending me to school. Ms. Elida Jeanty saw me in a service of worship at the church and told me good news which was to participate in a literacy centre… Thanks to the manager, thanks to Rayjon Share Care, I thank God who sends us this Alpha Program to bring us out of the darkness and let us see the light.,.On this great day, I know how to write my name.” – Luverlande Joseph

Urban Education Program

95 students received tuition support through the Centre for Nutrition and Education for Women and Children (C-NEW-C) in Cap Haitian. Results for the year show that out of 95 students  about 70% were promoted, 3% graduated from grade 13,  21% will repeat their year and 6% left school.

About 70% are currently in Grade 7 and above–a tremendous accomplishment!

Thank you to the Sisters of St. Josephs of Toronto, Ontario and to the many generous private donors who continue to make this program possible. So many of these children would not otherwise be able to attend school. Now, their futures are looking brighter!

Special congratulations to our three graduates of Grade 13 in 2017-2018: Judeline Saintilien, Soinel Célestin et Robinson Maurice.

“I am a student of the tuition support program since primary school and now I have finished my high school… I say a big thank you…for all its benefits and sponsors to donors who think a lot for the education of children in need.”

“I have been a student of the tuition support program for 3 years… Now I have finished high school…I am proud to be a student of the tuition support program and thanks to this program I have attended one of the Cap Haitian’s best schools. Contentment comes not only to me but also to my parents because our education is provided through this program. I say a big thank you…and I ask God to give more patience to all the partners of the Center to continue to help the very poor people in Haiti.”

Pinson Elementary School

In 2017-2018, 161 students were enrolled in Grades K-8 at the Pinson schools. This is the first year Grade 8 (which is the second level of high school in Haiti) has been offered. Demonstrating Rayjon’s commitment to empowering women and girls, 53% of these students were girls- a major victory for gender equality in Haiti.

The Rotary project, a new grant sponsored by Rotary International (with support from clubs in Sarnia and Southwestern Ontario) is well underway! New textbooks are being purchased, teachers will receive additional training, and community gardens will be planted soon. The canteen program has been providing a hot meal twice a week, ensuring that hungry bellies are not a barrier to learning. A professional agronomist is assisting with teaching families about sustainable agriculture, which will become a permanent part of curriculum at the school. Stay tuned for updates!


Construction continues on new classrooms (in partnership with Hope for Haiti, St. Mary’s, Ontario). Transporting supplies to the site has been incredibly difficult and has required the full support of the community (including their donkeys!). Two collapsed bridges halted transport for many months, but the “road” has reopened and materials are moving again.

In the spring of 2018 Rayjon supported the installation of new solar panels at the school,which are powering lights as well as providing the teachers (who live on site during the week) with a way of charging their cell phones and communicating with their families in the city.