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Dear friends,

Today is the anniversary of the 2010 earthquake in Port-au-Prince. 13 years later, and a new crisis rages on. We imagine that you have been seeing the frightening headlines about the situation Haiti this past month, and, like us, are concerned for the Haitian people whom the insecurity and unrest is harming. Perhaps you’re wondering how all of the trouble is affecting Rayjon’s partners and their work in Haiti, what steps we’re taking during the crisis, and what might come next.

The world needs to let Haiti write its own story

That’s the title of a recent article written by Greg Beckett, Associate Professor of Sociocultural Anthropology at the University of Western Ontario, author
of No More Haiti and friend to Rayjon. We strongly encourage Haiti-supporters to read Dr. Beckett’s piece, to gain a better understanding of the broader context and history of the atrocities facing our Haitian partners, and to consider how Canadians (from high-ranking government departments to Rayjon as an international partner to average citizens and supporters) can best stand in solidarity with them – toward lasting change, as envisioned and enacted by the Haitian people

  • The good news
  • Despite extreme challenges, our Haitian partners continue to accomplish great things. They are finding creative solutions and innovative ways of supporting vulnerable communities, helping them to build autonomy and use local resources to not only survive this crisis, but develop protection from future crises, too.

Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash solidarity

[Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash]

Right now, when things look so bleak for Haiti, is the time that our commitment of solidarity matters most. There is no quick fix to the complex social, economic and political turmoil Haitians are experiencing.

We believe that solutions must be led by Haitians, hopefully with strong support from the international community. With or without a UN intervention, Haiti faces hard days ahead. It is now that we must continue to stand with the Haitian people, refusing to give up hard-won progress, and believing that the future can be better.

  • If you’d like a glimpse of that future, please check out our Annual Report to read all about some of the incredible changes our partners have achieved in the last year – and all they have planned for the coming year!

Our Haitian partners have not lost hope. They hope for a better future, and they’re willing to do what it takes to create one. Our request to you today is not an appeal for financial aid, but an appeal for your solidarity.

Rayjon is committed to maintaining current programs (even those that are swelling with increased need), and working with our partners to develop sustainable strategies for the long-term.

Stand with us.

Finally, we encourage you to keep learning more about the Haitian situation. It’s complex and the history of injustice is long and deep. Our partners have reported that many Haitians feel discarded, disrespected, and misrepresented. A little learning can go a long way to helping us all better understand how to best support Haiti.