Holiday Giving 2017

In Haiti, when you can’t read or write your name, you must sign with an “X.” In August 2017 the first class of “Alpha” adult literacy graduates (44 women and 6 men) joined together to sing a song of victory which celebrates never signing an “X” again.

The generosity of Canadians like you does make a difference.


Your support is needed. In 2017-2018 we will work with Haitian and Dominican communities to provide quality education to 550 children and youth, literacy classes for 120 adults, access to small business loans for 100 entrepreneurs, life skills training for parents and caregivers, and quality health care for 1000s.

Will you consider a donation to Rayjon this holiday season?

For over 31 years we have worked to help families develop the skills and confidence they need to support themselves and are investing in the long-term development and self-sufficiency of entire communities.

As a grassroots, volunteer-based organization we will make sure that your donation will get to where it will have the most impact.

  • $25 provides life-saving medicine and specially formulated food for one child recovering from serious malnutrition
  • $50 will allow one child in rural Haiti to attend elementary school, or one adult to attend literacy classes
  • $100 can provide emergency assistance to one family in dire circumstances (food, shelter, medications, tuition for children)

Give the gift that keeps on giving!

If you’d like to make your gift in honour of a friend or loved one, you can enter their information in our online form and they will receive a beautiful e-card notifying them of your gift.

Wishing you a blessed holiday and a peaceful, prosperous New Year,

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