Lakeroad Lions Leave a Positive Footprint

During their last meeting of Circle Up @ Lakeroad School on June 25, 2018, students compiled a list of all of the activities they participated in and the accomplishments they had to celebrate this year. Wow! A lot of learning, a lot of sharing, and a lot of impact in our community… and around the world!

Using funds raised through the “Footprints Project” (see below), the students raised over $1,200 and were able to present cheques to their chosen local (Habitat for Humanity) and global (Charity: Water) charities, and to Rayjon to support rural education in Haiti. They also gathered 135 pairs of prescription eyeglasses for Rayjon. Special thanks to the amazing team of Lakeroad staff who make the Circle Up program possible.

Way to go, Lions! And THANK YOU for the imprint you are leaving in the world.

Sarnia Community Foundation Grant- Youth with a passion for social justice.

In 2017 Rayjon was the recipient of a $2,500 from the Sarnia Community Foundation (made possible by a grant from the Donald Steeves Family, McKay Family and the SCF Children and Youth General Funds) to support us in our efforts to bring social justice awareness into Lambton community schools. The goals of this project were to:

  • Foster awareness of social justice issues (both in Canada and in the developing world)
  • Promote volunteerism in our community
  • Encourage a spirit of acceptance and compassion

We are thrilled to report the IMPACT of this exciting grant! 

We were able to engage a total of 387 students (from grade 3 to grade 12) with an interactive presentation that got them discussing social justice issues and brainstorming potential solutions. Educational resources left with teachers will help them to expand upon thematic priorities of the Ontario government elementary curriculum concerning social justice.

The project also included support of a student-driven initiative. For this we teamed up with local teacher Emily Fortney-Blunt and students at Lakeroad Public School. This group of students has been meeting in “Circle Up” − a restorative learning circle− and spends time learning to resolve conflict and looking at how interconnected our lives in Canada are to other cultures around the world.Partnership with Rayjon with the assistance of the SCF grant allowed the students to launch a special initiative into action: The Footprints Project.

Students have recognized that each of us leaves a unique footprint on our journey, and have turned their individual footsteps into art. With the help of a local potter students have used the soles of their shoes to leave a unique imprint upon clay, which was then glazed and fired. Each unique imprint was turned into a pendant, which students have been selling at fair trade sales. Profits will benefit both a Canadian Indigenous reconciliation project and a global social enterprise project. Way to go, Lakeroad Lions!

Lemonade! Get Your Ice Cold Lemonade!

Athena and Arabella worked hard at their lemonade stand. They sure picked a hot day, and business was hopping! The cookies were an added treat. Mmmmm!

In this photo you can see them presenting Executive Director Heather Smith with $65.35 for Rayjon.

Way to go, girls! You are helping kids like you get an education and grow healthy and strong.

(A big thanks to mom Alana and dad Chris, too!)

A Special Birthday Gift

This is Brocke. He recently had a birthday party to celebrate his 8th birthday. He asked his friends to bring a donation for Rayjon, instead of a birthday gift. Brocke is demonstrating the power of kids to make a difference! Thank you Brocke for lending a helping hand to families in Haiti.

For more information on how your event (birthday party, wedding, online campaign, shower, other) can create lasting change in the developing world, contact us as [email protected] We have lots of tools ready to use to make fundraising easy and fun.

Brigden Public School Kids Talented Fundraisers!

By selling bracelets & popcorn, hosting a games night and having hat and bubble gum days at school, the grades 6, 7, and 8s of Brigden Public School have raised a whopping $1,400 to help support their peers in Haiti! They also collected 3 full boxes of eyeglasses for the Rayjon Eyeglass Program. Way to go! And thank you!


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