Participants from this year’s March Break Awareness Trip to the Dominican Republic recently shared their perspectives at a special service at Grace United Church in Sarnia. Their reflections give a flavour of what an Awareness Trip is like, and also convey the deeper insights each participant gained.

 For this written post we have selected some very special words from mother-daughter duo Alison and Lauren Morrison, who were both inspired by Georges Tertulien (“Jorge”) a Haitian-born Dominican who founded and directs the Consuelo Community Development Project in the impoverished neighbourhood of Barrio 41.

 Awareness Trip, Dominican Republic, Rayjon

 Alison says, “We met Georges. A Haitian, who is now planted in the Dominican- with a heart so big and hands so strong he was literally harvesting people- through education and nutrition.”

 Lauren connected her reflection to a biblical passage (Matthew 10:16, “I am sending you out like a sheep among wolves.”) She says, “In a world where you are being rewarded for being greedy and serving yourself, Georges chose and chooses everyday to serve others. I think that there are two kinds of happiness in life. The first is happiness you can get by serving yourself. This happiness is easily achieved and unfulfilling. But there’s a second kind of happiness where you choose to serve others. In a world where it’s so easy to choose to be a wolf and think about yourself to gain this cheap happiness, Georges chose and chooses everyday to be a sheep and reach for the second happiness that is much harder and more taxing to get but the reward is so much greater. If there is one thing I took away from my trip it is that I want to be like Georges. I don’t want to spend my life chasing cheap, fake happiness. I want to spend my life serving other people.”


Lauren with a new friend in the DR                                    Georges walks with a neighbourhood child, DR

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