Trail & Ale 2023 was amazing! Follow the links to view and share photos and check out the official Trail & Ale results. 

Trail & Ale 2023 Prize Winners:

  • LIVE 5K Walk, Ladies: Jennifer Muller – 51:15 (OVERALL- prize winner)
  • LIVE 5K Walk, Men: Jack Turner – 1:02:42
  • LIVE 10K Walk, Ladies: Stephanie Orrange  – 1:25:30
  • LIVE 10K, Walk Men: Robert Dunsworth – 1:29:02 (OVERALL – prize winner)
  • LIVE 5K Run, Ladies: Danielle Kuskoff – 28:48:8 (Prize winner)
  • LIVE 5K Run, Men: Tyler Anderson – 21:58:7 (Prize winner)
  • LIVE 10K Run, Ladies: Lindsay Mitchell – 51:27:02 (Prize winner)
  • LIVE 10K Run, Men: Jared Bourque – 38:17:07 (Prize winner)
  • Kids: Daniel Felipe Diaz Quinones – 23:18:08 (Prize winner)
  • Most fundraising for Rayjon: Gary Locke ($457.34!) 
  • Best costume(s): Kerri Hamm and Justin Romanik (Mario and Princess Peach)
  • Best hat: Debbie Wagamese-Bird
  • Participant from farthest away: Frant Cerioni and Rich Lomas (Great Britain)

CaribeFest Sarnia was incredible! Click through our photo gallery below. Hope to see you next year!

Thank you to our many sponsors, vendors, performers and volunteers who made these events so successful! 🙂