2019 has not been an easy year in Haiti so far. But at a time when the nation is grappling with political and civil unrest, increased gang violence, and skyrocketing costs of fuel and basic necessities, Rayjon’s partners are hard at work finding paths through the difficulty and hope in a time of darkness.


We have good news stories to share:

  • A total of 106 students are enrolled in Alpha Adult Literacy classes in the rural St. Marc area, and 87 in urban Cap Haitien—93% of them are women!
  • The average age of Alpha participants is 46. The youngest participant is 26, the oldest is 69.

Construction of the new classrooms, generously funded by our friends at Hope for Haiti in St. Mary’s, Ontario, at the Pinson School is completed! 220 students are enrolled (K-9).

In partnership with local government, Rayjon Share Care Haiti assisted with incredible upgrades to a rural route servicing several beneficiary communities. The trip to the Pinson school at the top of the mountain used to take over an hour, and was dangerous and incredibly hard on the vehicles. Now it takes 15 minutes!


Empowerment of Women

A focus on the empowerment of women is having an impact! Strong female leaders are making their voices heard as they advocate for their communities.


In partnership with a rural Haitian Women’s Federation, the Microcreit program continues to have a 100% repayment rate! 34 beneficiaries received small business loans in the last year. We plan to expand the program, including more participants and providing additional training in 2019-2020. 

Despite the challenges on the ground, we are in a time of positive change and growth in rural St. Marc, Haiti. The positive progress we have seen in the last year has not disappeared with the political upheaval. 

For example, the strong leaders who facilitate the Alpha Literacy Program and the courageous beneficiaries are not abandoning their goals for their community. They continue to plan and to seek opportunities for more education, training, and business initiatives.

In Cap Haitien we are standing by our partners at the Centre for Education of Women and Children, where they have seen an increase in the number of families seeking emergency assistance for their malnourished children. Every donation received in Canada allows us to provide support where it is needed most.