Project Updates

Momma Can/Mamá Puede Project, Dominican Republic

With support from the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada, we have been empowering women in the community of Consuelo, DR. 10 women graduated from a sewing program that has given them the confidence and skills needed to improve their situation and plan for progress. A 20-member strong women’s committee has been formed and meets regularly to set goals for the community and to support and encourage one another.


Horticulture training has also been provided, and local families are learning to grow and care for their own home gardens. At the same time, the community garden is supplying nutritious produce to the preschool centre each day… ensuring children get the best possible start!

Thank you, WICC!

Literacy & Women’s Initiatives

The “Alpha” Adult Literacy program continues to thrive in rural St. Marc, Haiti.

  • 1,650 adults have learned to read & write
  • 90% of the students are women.
  • Graduates of Alpha classes let us know they aren’t done learning! They want to gain additional knowledge & skills that will help them provide for their families. With your help, in 2018-2019 we will be able to offer Level IV classes that will include small business training, financial literacy and advanced reading skills.

“Women we are like reeds. You can cut us down, but the rain will come and we will bloom again.”

 Sung in Haitian Creole by members of the local Women’s Federation and Alpha literacy classes, these inspiring lyrics describe what local women are doing in their communities. Together they are rising above the constraints of poverty and using one voice to advocate for positive change.

In partnership with Women’s Federation leaders, Rayjon is supporting a microcredit program that boasts a 100% repayment rate. Participants are using the funds to start and grow small businesses.  Click here to learn more about the literacy/microcredit program and how your donation can provide additional training and resources.

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Local photographer Meghan Bond recently co-lead a Rayjon Awareness Trip. We have put together a photo gallery from her collection, that allows you to “see” some of the amazing things happening, and “meet” some of the inspiring faces working to effect change in Haiti.

Click here to view the photo gallery