Join us for a special panel discussion with our Haitian partners: Haitian Women at the Forefront of Community Solutions and Locally-led Change


Community-led and grassroots solutions are transforming communities in Haiti.

Since the recording of the podcast Tapestry 2030, Season 1, Episode 7: Haitian Women in the Lead, so much has happened in Haiti. Covid-19 could perhaps be considered the least of recent crises affecting Haiti: economic crisis, ongoing fuel shortage, debilitating gang violence and control, assassination of the Haitian President (July 2021), major earthquake (August 2021)…the list goes on. 

With this difficult and chaotic background, Rayjon Share Care Haiti Manager Renaud Thomas points to the power of localization: 

Renaud Thomas community solutions

“What we continue to do on our side is we continue to teach people about community development, like putting [their] heads together to do some strategies to survive, because we cannot count on the government.” 

Renaud Thomas

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Thursday, February 3, 2021

2:00 – 3:30 PM (EST)

via Zoom

Safa Shahkhalili – Producer, OCIC ‘Tapestry 2030’ Season 1

Denis Côté – Policy Analyst, Association Québécoise des Organismes de Coopération Internationale (AQOCI)
Miselande Parisien – General Secretary, Fédération des Femmes de Haut-Saint-Marc (Haitian Women’s Federation, Haut de St. Marc)
Heather Smith – Executive Director, Rayjon Share Care Canada
Renaud Thomas – Community Coordinator and RSCH Manager, Rayjon Share Care Haiti

    • – What do “localization” and “community solutions” mean?

    • – What are examples in Haiti?

    • – Can crisis be a catalyst for community solutions?

    • – What is the role of Canadian organizations in supporting “community solutions” in Haiti?

    • – How have the recent challenges changed the way we work together?

    • – Why are community solutions important to women in Haiti, and what strategies are they using to achieve them?

    • – How can we together reimagine international solidarity and cooperation in this context?

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Tapestry 2030 Episode 7 Haitian Women in the Lead

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