Once again for our 3rd annual Trail and Ale event we had a full day of fun, sun and exercise. And a little ale, of course 😉

Together we raised a whopping $5,970.61!

Funds will support families in Haiti and the Dominican Republic to reach their goals in Education, Health Care, Microcredit, and more. Thank you!

Prize winners:

Best costume: Rob Dunsworth

Participant from farthest away: Brianna Tilban (Vancouver)

Most interesting route: Marg & Mike Irwin

Best Photo [photo above]: Cheryl Hughes (photographer) + subjects Jayme Pettypiece #532 + Zoe Averill #593

Top fundraisers: Bob Topliffe, The Camino Sistas, and Brayden Butler

5K Women’s: Mikayla Portiss 22:23 (and you know she’s extra amazing at 14 years, right?)

5 k Men’s: Logan Savage 22:14

10 K Women’s: Danielle Quinn 44:41

10 K Men’s: Isaac Roes 41:14

Brainstorming for Trail and Ale 2023 has already started! Let us know your thoughts at [email protected]  and we hope to see your dusty trail faces there!