Code of Conduct

To ensure a meaningful and satisfying experience, each participant is expected to commit to an established program for trip presentation and follow up, and to abide by RAYJON’s Code of Conduct during the trip. Adherence to the Code of Conduct will minimize risks to personal safety, health, and security, honour and respect the local customs and maintain Rayjon’s reputation both at home and abroad.

Students who are interested in going on a trip should ensure that their parents/guardians fully understand RAYJON’s Code of Conduct. To prevent any misunderstandings in the trip guidelines and rules, parents/guardians are encouraged to take part in the pre-trip preparations.

Alcohol is not part of an Awareness Trip. Smokers must be considerate to the non-smoking participants and to the people of the host countries, and if possible, should be restricted to the hotel / guest houses.

For safety’s sake, participants or small groups will not be free to wander around alone.