How to Go on A Trip

Rayjon Awareness trips are available to adults as well as students, and generally take place each year to the Dominican Republic and Haiti during the High School March Break week. To become involved, you should attend the Trip Information session, which occurs each October. Check our Event Calendar or email to [email protected] for more information. The Information Meeting is the first step for anyone who is interested. Trip preparation meetings are an integral component of the Awareness Trip program. Generally 4 – 5 meetings are held in the weeks leading up to the trip departure.

Adults and students aged at least 16 for a Dominican Republic Trip, and 17and over for a Haiti trip are considered for Awareness trips. No commitment is required in order to attend the information meeting. The participant is responsible for the cost of the trip. If you choose to take part in either the Haiti or Dominican Republic trip, a down payment is required two weeks after the information meeting at an “interview session”. Before a candidate’s application is accepted, he/she must have a personal interview with a trip leader, during which guidelines and rules will be explained. This will ensure that the candidate fully understands the commitment he/she is making. The candidate will sign the Awareness Trip interview form to confirm this.

Awareness trips can be a life-altering experience. If you would like to talk to someone who has taken an Awareness Trip and do not know anyone who has done so, please email your request to [email protected] to be connected with a previous trip participant.