Participants & Expectations


Participants (at least 17 years old for Haiti and 16 years for the Dominican Republic) represent a wide range of ages, occupations and interests. Participants come from “many walks of life”, all sharing a curiosity about life in a developing country with a desire to personally contribute in some meaningful way to improving the quality of life within these countries.

Participants are individuals who are prepared, with appropriate guidance, to take full responsibility for their own personal security and health and to contribute to the security, health and well-being of fellow group members.


Participants must be physically fit since the days are long and tiring. To ensure a meaningful and satisfying experience for the group each participant is expected to commit to:

  1. Participate in all pre-trip preparations and follow up activities.
  2. Understand, accept and adhere to the RAYJON Code of Conduct 

Participation in pre-trip planning and information meetings is mandatory. If attendance at all the meetings is not possible because of other commitments, the candidate should consider postponement to a later trip. During the trip, each participant will be assigned a specific duty to perform and will be expected to help generally in other ways, in order for the trip to run smoothly. These assignments must be undertaken both willingly and seriously.