Participants on previous RAYJON trips have wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Following are a few of their comments:

“I look at what I have, though some might not think it’s much, and I think of what I saw. WOW! How we’re blessed. – Trudy Boers

“This experience provided me an opportunity to examine and evaluate my priorities. It started a growth process that I hope will never end.” – Connor McDonough

“How much humility these people must have; they have so little, still, they seem to be so thankful for so much. I came to discover my own spiritual poverty.” – Scott Burns

“My one week in Haiti taught me more about human dignity than anything else I have ever experienced. For anyone choosing to go next year, they will find as I did, that they will receive much more from the Haitians than we could ever hope to give them.” – Elly Vukobratic

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