Trip Experience

Destinations for awareness trips are normally Haiti or Dominican Republic. Both countries are found on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola.

Duration of awareness trips is generally 7-10 days.

First time travelers are encouraged to visit the Dominican Republic since the experience in this country is less demanding than Haiti. Regardless of the country visited, the experience is likely to be one of the most challenging and meaningful of your life.

The group consists of an experienced leader, a local guide and up to 20 travelers to Dominican Republic and a smaller group to Haiti

Activities include visits to a variety of communities (schools, hospitals, community groups etc.). At each location, ample opportunities exist for participants to interact with members of the local community.

Accommodation, usually at residential schools or guest houses, is simple with very basic amenities, but safe. Great care is taken to ensure the Safety and Health of participants. Appropriate  medical preparations are recommended and high quality food and water is provided. Half a day is usually scheduled for Rest and Relaxation.

A period of Reflection and Discussion is scheduled each evening in order to review the experiences and insights gathered from the day’s events.