Eyeglass Program

The Eyeglass Program was developed in response to a need for vision care identified in the countries visited as part of other Rayjon programs. The purpose of the program is to provide vision correction for those unable to afford or obtain either the examination or the eyeglasses they need.

To accomplish this purpose, clinics are organized each year in developing countries.  Optometric professionals and support staff are recruited to conduct the clinics.  Donated eyeglasses are prepared for distribution in developing countries. Volunteers are trained as Eyeglass Team members. For more information about participating in an Eyeglass Trip, please Contact us.

Rayjon Eyeglass Program Manager: Bob Topliffe


Statistics All Eyeglass Clinics to November 2018

2018 Year-End Message from Eyeglass Program Manager

2016 Eyeglass Team to Haiti

2016 Eyeglass Team to Ocoa, Dominican Republic