Eyeglass Clinics

The eyeglass team actively seeks hosts for eyeglass clinics. Suggestions are encouraged from those with contacts in areas of need.  Service clubs are requested to send information about our Eyeglass Program to club affiliates in countries of Latin America or the Caribbean.  Two clinics are planned annually.  The eyeglass program manager works with a sponsor in the host country to secure necessary approval from the Ministry of Health and the Customers Department of the host country.  Sponsors have been Habitat for Humanity Affiliates, Community organizations and Rotary Clubs.  It takes almost a year to arrange the clinic.

Since the first clinic in 1993, Rayjon eyeglass teams have provided vision examinations for over 25,000 patients and eyeglasses for over 20,000.

Statistics All Eyeglass Clinics to November 2018

Donated sunglasses are dispensed to many and over 1500 patients have been identified for our hosts, as they require further care.  A donation of Tears Natural from Alcon Canada has allowed us to provide these to patients at our clinics.  Essilor has provided free or discount lenses which we cannot fill from our donated glasses.

A typical team includes Canadian optometrists and a support staff of volunteers.  We are always in need of optometrists and welcome inquiries. For more information about participating in an Eyeglass Trip please Contact us.

Dr. Darrel Stewart busy at a clinic

Dr. Darrel Stewart busy at a clinic