Pictures from Georgian College Inter-professional trip Spring 2017 to Consuelo, DR:

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Comments about the Trip from Past Students

“The inter-professional experience that I received showed the insight into how multi-layered the health care system is and how each discipline is linked to the other,” says Advanced Care Paramedic student Tori Redgate. “With the expertise we had on our health care team, we were able to treat a variety of patients, from infancy to the elderly.”

“A true learning experience! I enhanced my assessment skills immensely-from assessing the signs of dehydration in an infant, observing the devastating effects of Leprosy to assessing a third degree burn.”

“On this trip, I got to practice all my nursing skills, especially problem solving and creativity.”

“Thought provoking and spiritually invigorating experience! It refreshed my soul and my nursing care will be more compassionate.”

“The trip helped change the way I will look at all the privileges I ever took for granted. This week changed my life!”