Volunteer Opportunities


Become a Rayjon Volunteer!

Rayjon is an organization primarily driven by volunteers.  Volunteers provide Rayjon with the skills, talents, and perspectives that are essential to its relevance, vitality, and sustainability. 

Rayjon welcomes volunteers from a wide range of ages and cultural backgrounds, including occasional volunteers as well as those willing and able to make a longer commitment.Volunteers can get involved locally or internationally, temporarily or on an on-going basis.

Rayjon volunteers enjoy their engagement with others with similar interests in social justice, the opportunity to polish skills, to get volunteer hours and to make a difference.


As well as occasional volunteers, Rayjon is currently seeking volunteers to perform specific roles set out below.

Temporary Eyeglass Wash Coordinator (3 month position)

A dependable volunteer is needed while our Eyeglass Wash Coordinator, Della Fellows, is away during the winter (Jan-March). She may be contacted by email during this time.

The volunteer would be responsible for opening and closing the building on “Eyeglass Wash Days” (January 8, 2, February 5,19, March 5, 19). The hours of work are 10 a.m. until 12 noon and this volunteer would be there to have the doors open by 10 a.m. and remain to secure the doors when everything is put away at noon. This volunteer will be given a list of all volunteers with names, phone numbers and email addresses. If the weather is unsuitable for driving this person would contact volunteers and the Wash Program would be cancelled for that day.

Members of Rayjon’s Fund Development Committee

Attending meetings, as called, to work with others to create and execute a fund development strategy for Rayjon.  Previous fund development experience is highly valued, but not essential.  Full details here

Leader or Co-Leader of Rayjon’s Pasta Fest fundraiser (held annually in November)

Leading or Co-leading the annual Rayjon pastafest, carried out partnership with the Dante Club.  The current leaders are looking to step back from the leadership role, but will be available to assist a new leader or co-leaders.  Tasks include working in a collaborative fashion with the Dante Club, and co-ordinating other Rayjon volunteers to provide promotion, sale of Rayjon Artizani, gift cards and coffee as part of the event.  A silent auction has been a key feature of this event and requires the collection of items suitable for the silent auction.

Occasional Graphic Artist/Marketing/Web Site Assistant

Acting as a resource, on an occasional basis, to  the Executive Director and/or other volunteers.  Rayjon has a volunteer web designer, but there are occasions when the Executive Director could benefit from assistance in making changes to the web site, or the services of a person with graphic artist or marketing skills to provide assistance to her in creating promotional material or to other volunteers who make presentations.

Occasional Translators (French, Creole, and Spanish)

From time to time translating documents from English to French or or Creole or Spanish, or alternatively translating from French or Spanish or Creole to English.   Documents are usually general with very few documents considered to be technical in nature.  With more than one translator, translations could be completed at the convenience of the translator, and only to the level of comfort of the translator.


Organizing Rayjon’s historical records and helping to create a comprehensive summary of Rayjon’s past.

A detail oriented person might enjoy this task which can be carried out at the convenience of the volunteer, with direction and support as required by long-term Rayjon volunteers and/or Rayjon’s Executive Director.

School Presenters

Making preparations for, and attending, school presentations (Elementary through Secondary).   Most presentations are made in pairs which would always include one experienced Rayjon Volunteer.  Visual presentations are essentially complete, with freedom to modify various aspects of the presentation.

Helpers- Annual Degroots/Rayjon Sale

Volunteers are needed to fill 4-hour shifts at the annual sale at Degroots Nurseries.

If you are interested in being an occasional volunteer or in performing one of the tasks set out above, please:

  • Fill out the form below to let us know what area interests you. We will contact you with more information and details on how you can help. We would love to help you find the role that is just right for you.


  • Call us and let’s talk about the opportunities available 519-381-5929
  • If you are interested in participating in a Rayjon trip, please click here .