Since 1986 Rayjon has sought to eliminate inequalities, build relationships, and foster collaboration toward a more just world. We envision “A world in which people have an equal opportunity to thrive…” (Rayjon Vision).

However, we recognize that in our world today not all people do have an equal opportunity to thrive. It is because of the long-standing existing inequalities in Haiti and the Dominican Republic that we do the work we do.

Rayjon seeks to build relationships with Haitians and Dominicans based on equality and mutual respect. We continue to listen, learn, grow and change. 


It is an honour to share stories about Haitians & Dominicans who are creating real positive change in the world.

We celebrate them!

Peterson, Diplomacy & Int’l Cooperation  

Yvanne, Entrepreneur  →

Bénicie, Women’s Federation Leader  →


Field Director  →

How do Rayjon programs address systemic injustice? Read Celiana’s story to learn more about what Rayjon is doing to assist families of Haitian heritage with achieving equal status in the D. R.  

Interested in Haitian culture? The following 20-minute video documentary produced by CBC provides a fascinating glimpse into the art, music, message and lives of 3 Haitian artists.

“Kite’m boule jou a.” (“Let me do my thing) –Fresh La

Alene, Nurse Specialist →

More Stories Coming Soon  →