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Haitian metalwork (Atizani)

Haitian Tree print (8×10)

by Aruba Mahmud


This print by Canadian artist Aruba Mahmud (Londong, Ontario) is based on a real ficus tree, growing near the city of St. Marc, Haiti. With her stunning use of colour, Aruba’s expression portrays a glimpse of the beauty and vitality of Haiti and the Haitian people. 

Local to Global

With the purchase of this print you are supporting both a Canadian women entrepreneur, and Haitian women entrepreneurs. $5 from the sale of each print will be donated to support Haitian women entrepreneurs. 

Haitian tree painting by Aruba Mahmud

I believe that trees represent growth, strength, letting go and embracing our environment. They represent beauty, resilience and being grounded. And they represent generosity, through the many gifts they give us and other creatures. 

I love painting and drawing trees, and when I saw my friend and colleague Heather (Smith, Rayjon’s Executive Director) post a picture of this stunning tree on her Facebook page, I immediately wanted to know where it was and if I could draw/paint it. Heather told me it was in Haiti and sent me more photos – this particular tree is a favourite of many Rayjon staff and volunteers and I can see why! 

I knew even before I started painting that I wanted to use colour – yes, because I love bright colours and palettes not only in my art but in all aspects of my life, but also because I wanted this tree to represent beauty and joy. As someone born and raised in Sarnia, all I’ve heard about Haiti in the news has unfortunately been about war and political strife, corruption, poverty and natural disasters. And this particularly resonated because it’s the same way many other countries are also depicted and represented in the West, including Pakistan, my parents’ homeland. I’ve been blessed to have visited Pakistan 10 times in my life and each time I am privileged to witness the landscape and natural beauty, the vibrant culture and handicrafts, the colourful painted trucks and the delicious and aromatic food. And so, even though I have never had the privilege of visiting Haiti, I know that it too is a diverse, colourful and beautiful nation and I hope that this painting reflects that. 

I am extremely honoured and blessed to have the opportunity to paint this magnificent tree and I hope that in addition to raising funds for Rayjon, a wonderful organization, it’s also a reminder of Haiti’s strength, beauty, resilience and vibrance.

– Aruba Mahmud, artist

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