Where Does the $ Go?

image of Annual Report cover 2023

Our Annual Report contains details about where our $ goes, as well as highlights from all development projects. Don’t miss it!

Where does the money go?

Rayjon’s administrative expenses are minimal- but important. 

We are thankful for the support of community partners that generously allow us the use of their building spaces to hold our meetings, helping us to keeps costs down further and allowing us to send maximum funds to be used by our capable Haiti and the Dominican partners in support of sustainable community development initiatives.

Our executive director and volunteers maintain home offices and secure information storage, eliminating the need for formal office space while maintaining security and privacy.  While we’re proud of keeping administrative expenses low, we also acknowledge that without investment in our Canadian staff, public engagement and promotion of the organization, our impact would be much less.  With our balanced approach, and prioritizing getting donations where they will have the greatest impact, we can achieve more – TOGETHER. 

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