Rayjon Social Enterprise

Rayjon offers its own brand of organic, fair-trade coffee, unique Haitian artwork, Haitian vanilla, and more.

Proceeds support transformative change in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.






| Fair Trade Coffee

Rayjon is selling its own brand of coffee which is 100% Arabica, organic and fair trade.  Coffee is available in medium roast, dark roast or decaffeinated, beans or ground, at a cost of $12.00 for 12 oz. (340 g).

Coffee can be purchased at any Rayjon event or directly:
Call Mary at 226-886-2537 or 
Email [email protected]

Rayjon is also seeking community partners such as schools, churches, service clubs or any non-profit group wishing to raise money for its own activities. Rayjon will provide $2.00 profit from each bag sold by a community partner.  There are no shipping charges or any other expenses associated with the purchase of the coffee.

Haitian Dominican vanilla

| Vanilla

Quality vanilla from the island of Hispaniola (Haiti/Dominican Republic). Available in: $5/2 ounces; $10/4 ounces, light or dark.

Rayjon vanilla is delicious in baking. We suggest adding a few drops to your coffee/tea, or try a fruit salad with a tsp. of light vanilla for a new twist. Light (clear) vanilla offers a lighter, slightly fruity flavour, somewhat similar to almond extract. Mmmmm!

For local pickup in Sarnia only. To order please call Brenda: 519-344-3755 or email [email protected].

Bulk orders for use as wedding/party favours or for use in fundraising are available upon request. Email [email protected] or use the contact form below. 

Haitian Art

Known in Haitian Kreyòl as “atizani,” these metal pieces are hand-fashioned from recycled oil drums by talented Haitian artists. If you have seen our merchandise booth at our fundraisers and are looking to purchase some of our metal-made art, angels, ornaments, jewelry, etc. please contact us.

Email [email protected] or use the form below.

If you’re interested in any of Rayjon’s Social Enterprise offerings, please contact us using the form below.