About Rayjon


The Rayjon Board


The Rayjon Board of Directors is made up of elected volunteers and meets monthly to discuss and make decisions on strategic issues. Board members have specific roles described below, and are expected to contribute in a manner which advances Rayjon’s vision, mission and goals. 

photo of Rayjon Board of Directors Oct 2019

Rayjon Board of Directors: (Front Row): Brian Rea, John Spinozzi, Mary Weerdenburg, Cheryl DeGroot, Heather Smith, Terry DeMarco. (Back Row): Den Shannon, Ann Tuplin, Bryce McGarvey, Glen Maddison, Debbie Austin, Joanna Catterson, John Barnfield






President (Non-voting): John Barnfield                  Chairperson: Ann Tuplin                             Past Chair and Eyeglass Liaison: Den Shannon

Vice Chairperson: vacant                                             Secretary and Eyeglass Liaison: Mary Weerdenburg

Financial Director: John Spinozzi                              Medical and Safety Advisor: Dr. Glen Maddison

Trips Director: Bryce McGarvey                                 Project Director: Debbie Austin               CEC Liaison: Joanna Catterson

Member at Large: Brian Rea                                       Member at Large: Cheryl DeGroot  

Member at Large: Terry DeMarco

Executive Director (non-voting): Heather Smith

Our Mission

 Rayjon Share Care supports partners in Haiti and the Dominican Republic to enhance their well-being and capacity. Rayjon provides a bridge between those who can help and those who need and want help in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and other developing countries.

 Our Vision

A world in which people have an equal opportunity to thrive ─ empowered, independent and self-sufficient.


Trips Committee:

The trips committee reviews all requests for Rayjon Trips including Awareness Trips, Work Trips and Project Engagement Trips and makes recommendations to the Board with respect to trip approvals, safety and policies.

Community Engagement Committee:

The Community Engagement Committee is responsible for fundraising, outreach/awareness, and coordinating volunteering for events. Sub-committees organize special major fundraising events (i.e. Fall Fair, DeGroot’s sale, Women Helping Women event, and more).


Finance Team: 

The Finance team is comprised of the Financial Director, the Executive Director and Rayjon volunteers who carry out financial activities including donation receipting, accounting, account reconciling and audit readiness. 

Projects Advisory Team

The Projects Advisory team provides support to the Projects Director and Project Manager to oversee the three Community Development projects supported by Rayjon in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. They are actively involved in building and maintaining relationships with Haitian & Dominican partners, monitoring and evaluation, and  ensuring all project activities align with Rayjon’s overall mission, goals, and Strategic Plan. 

Fund Development Committee:

The Fund Development Committee provides strategic recommendations to the Rayjon Board in order to ensure long-term financial stability.

The Eyeglass Program:

The Rayjon Eyeglass Program is coordinated by a committee of volunteers who meet regularly to plan all activities related to Eyeglass Trips. It takes many volunteers in Canada who receive, clean, sort, and enter glasses into a database for use in clinics.

Rayjon’s Impact on the World

Children educated from preschool to grade 13

Pairs of prescription eyeglasses distributed in 9 countries

Vaccinations for children and adults

Impoverished elementary & secondary students received tuition support to attend school

Women received loans & training to start small businesses

Malnourished children received life-saving treatment

Adults learned to read & write

Financial Statements

Where does the money go?

Rayjon values accountability and transparency. As a grassroots, volunteer-based organization we are able to keep our administration/overhead costs amazingly low!

We are proud to report that over the last 5 years our total administration costs averaged only 5.75%!

We are thankful for the support of community partners that generously allow us the use of their building spaces to hold our meetings, helping us to keeps costs down further and allowing us to send maximum funds to Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Volunteer administrators maintain home offices and secure information storage, eliminating the need for formal office space while maintaining security and privacy. Thank you to our many volunteers and community partners that make this possible.