About Us

Since 1986 Rayjon has sought to eliminate inequalities, build relationships, and foster collaboration toward a more just world.
In 1985, travelers from Ontario visited Haiti on a “poverty awareness trip.” They shared their stories widely and encouraged others to go and experience the rich culture and vitality they saw in Haiti. Their experience shaped who we are today.
Two of the travelers (Ray Wyrzykowski & John Barnfield) were so inspired by what they had experienced that they wanted to do more. With the support of their families Rayjon was born in January 1986. Thirty-three years later, thousands of people have participated in Rayjon trips and experienced firsthand the richness of life in the developing world. From awareness came a call to action to empower, build relationships, and partner in community development.  
Today Rayjon supports community development projects in St. Marc & Cap Haitien, Haiti
and Consuelo, Dominican Republic.

Who We Are: Our Mission

 Rayjon Share Care supports partners in Haiti and the Dominican Republic to enhance their well-being and capacity. Rayjon provides a bridge between those who can help and those who need and want help in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and other developing countries.

Who We Are: Our Vision

A world in which people have an equal opportunity to thrive ─ empowered, independent and self-sufficient.

“Quality of life is justice, not charity.”

Who We Are: Our Values

  • * Belief in the potential of each other and of our partners

  • * Innovation and openness to change

  • * Treatment of each other with respect, dignity, integrity and honesty

  • * Listening to and  respecting our partners

For more than 34 years Rayjon Share Care has been proud to partner with people in Haiti and the Dominican Republic to implement programs that provide a sense of empowerment and positive change, and which assist individuals in reaching their full potential.

Our broad range of programs located in rural St. Marc, urban Cap Haitien, Haiti, and Consuelo, Dominican Republic, have made a significant impact in raising the quality of life for the men, women and children living in these areas.  visit our CAUSES pages to learn more about Rayjon projects

We are grateful for the support we receive from our many volunteers, donors and partner organizations that lend us their talent, expertise and gifts. The fact that Rayjon operates primarily on the goodness, initiative, and energy of its volunteers ensures that donations go directly into building community capacity and sustainable programs for the people of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. 

Rayjon hosts Awareness Trips to Haiti and the Dominican Republic to raise awareness about the challenges and richness of the culture in the developing world. Project monitoring and work trips provide skills transfer or hands-on assistance within the project communities. Rayjon also hosts Eyeglass Trips to throughout the developing world. 

Our Goals