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Since 1986 Rayjon has sought to eliminate inequalities, build relationships, and foster collaboration toward a more just world.

Who We Are: Our Mission

Rayjon Share Care works in partnership with communities in Haiti and the Dominican Republic to reach their goals in sustainable development and social justice. We invest in relationship building and the two-way exchange of knowledge, resources and skills to create bridges of sharing—local to global.

Who We Are: Our Vision

Our community partners in Haiti and the Dominican Republic are empowered and have the resources to determine their future.

In 1985, travelers from Ontario visited Haiti on a “poverty awareness trip.” They shared their stories widely and encouraged others to go and experience the rich culture and vitality they saw in Haiti. 
Two of the travelers (Ray Wyrzykowski & John Barnfield) were so inspired by what they had experienced that they wanted to do more, and with the support of their families Rayjon was born in January 1986. From awareness came a call to action to empower, build relationships, and partner in community development.  
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Re-Imagining Rayjon

Looking to the future we have reimagined our mission and vision, reflecting back and celebrating  successes achieved, and taking wisdom from mistakes made and lessons learned along the way.

We are listening to the voices of our partners in an ever-changing present, allowing them to teach and guide us into the future. 

This video has been specially created by some amazing students to help us share our vision and plan for the future with you!

Who We Are: Our Values

  • * Respect and Dignity for all people

  • * Integrity and Honesty in all relationships and interactions

  • * Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • * Self-determination as a core principle of development 

  • * Listening and Learning

Who We Are: Our Approach

Rayjon’s approach is one of partnership. Community development initiatives are inspired, directed, and implemented by innovative and talented Haitians & Dominicans. They know best what the real needs of their communities are and how to solve them.

Visit our CAUSES page to learn more about the many community-led initiatives Rayjon supports in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. 

Join our diverse group of volunteers with a passion for social justice, and an openness to growth, innovation and change. We’d love to tell you more about how you can contribute, through fundraising and special event organization, the Eyeglass Program, and many other ways that you can join us as we walk the path of development and social justice with our partners in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Rayjon hosts Awareness Trips to Haiti and the Dominican Republic to raise awareness about injustices faced by marginalized communities, as well as to learn more about the richness of the culture and innovative local solutions to development challenges in host regions.

Eyeglass Trips to throughout the Caribbean and Latin America.

2023 Annual Report

Our 2023 Annual Report is filled with stories of meaningful progress, through many challenges. Don’t miss it!

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