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A world in which people have an equal opportunity to thrive−
empowered, independent and self-sufficient.

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Join us for our Annual General Meeting 2021

Thursday, October 28th at 6:30 PM (EST) via Zoom. 

HAITI EARTHQUAKE: Recovery Underway

Renaud knew it wasn’t okay for a mother and her 7 children to be living in this makeshift shelter. And so he decided to do something about it.

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Trail & Ale 2021


A huge thank you to all walkers, runners, volunteers, and supporters for making Trail & Ale 2021 amazing! Together we raised over $10,000! 

Our Mission

 Rayjon Share Care supports partners in Haiti and the Dominican Republic to enhance their well-being and capacity. Rayjon provides a bridge between those who can help and those who need and want help in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and other developing countries.

 Our Vision

A world in which people have an equal opportunity to thrive ─ empowered, independent and self-sufficient.

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Rayjon’s Impact on the World

For 35+ years we have been making a difference in communities in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and other developing countries. Here are some examples of the tangible IMPACT of your donation:

Vaccinations for children and adults

Children educated from preschool to grade 13

Pairs of prescription eyeglasses prescribed & fitted in 9 countries

Impoverished elementary & secondary students received tuition support to attend school

Malnourished children received life-saving treatment

Women received loans & training to start small businesses

Adults learned to read & write

“Women’s leadership is important to me because women are mothers of  life…When women decide for the community, they do great things, they do the right things.” 

– Bénicie Pierre


Tapestry 2030 podcast & illustration series, in partnership with the Ontario Council for International Cooperation, featuring Rayjon in conversation with Haitian Women’s Federation leaders.

We envision a world in which all people have an equal opportunity to thrive. We reject all forms of racism and injustice that stand in the way.