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“The resource we have during crisis is community, and what we can do together.” —Renaud Thomas, Haiti
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FREE Film Screening: UnCharitable

Nov. 27 to Dec. 3 only, we are excited to be hosting a FREE online screening of the documentary UnCharitable. With an all-star cast and delving into the stories of beloved charities UnCharitable promises to “deliver an emotional journey that moves, persuades and...

Another Amazing Curling Event for Rayjon

Huge thanks to all of the curlers, volunteers, donors and friends who rallied together to make our 4th Annual Curling Event for Rayjon such a success! We're still tallying final funds raised, but we're estimating very close to our $8,000 goal!  A special shout out to...

Haiti—What’s Next: Wisdom from Renaud

[A bougainvillea blooms amid earthquake ruin in Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince. Photo by Meghan Bond] There has been no shortage of terrifying news coming out of Haiti. A political vacuum after the 2021 assassination of Haiti’s president. Corruption. Gang control....

Renaud’s Visit to Canada – What a Gift!

What an incredible time we had with our special Haitian visitor to Canada, Director of Rayjon Share Care Haiti, Renaud Thomas! We want to say a huge THANK YOU  to everyone who made Renaud feel welcome, who shared time with him and who accompanied him on his journey in...

Annual Report

Don't miss our Annual Report! Through many challenges our Haitian & Dominican partners have achieved incredible progress. Good things are happening, here in Canada, too!

Our Mission

 Rayjon Share Care works in partnership with communities in Haiti and the Dominican Republic to reach their goals in sustainable development and social justice. We invest in relationship building and the two-way exchange of knowledge, resources and skills to create bridges of sharing—local to global.

Our Vision

Our community partners in Haiti and the Dominican Republic are empowered and have the resources to determine their future.

Our Causes

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Updates & Stories

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Rayjon Reimagined

We have reimagined our mission and vision, reflecting back and celebrating  successes achieved, and taking wisdom from mistakes made and lessons learned along the way.

We are listening to the voices of our partners as they teach and guide us into the future. 

This video has been specially created by some amazing students to help us share our vision with you!

Rayjon’s Impact on the World

For 37+ years we have been making a difference together! Here are some examples of the tangible IMPACT of the work of our Haitian and Dominican partners, supported by your donation:

Vaccinations for children and adults

Children educated from preschool to grade 13

Pairs of prescription eyeglasses prescribed & fitted in 9 countries

Elementary, secondary & post-secondary students received tuition support/scholarships

Malnourished children received life-saving treatment

Women received loans & training to start small businesses

Adults learned to read & write