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A world in which people have an equal opportunity to thrive−
empowered, independent and self-sufficient.

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Celebrating the Life of Maggy Barnfield

It is with great sadness that we share news of the loss of Maggy Barnfield on January 8, 2022. Without Maggy, Rayjon would not be what it is today. She built friendships and partnerships in Haiti that continue to this day. She will be forever loved and greatly missed.

A celebration of Maggy’s life will be held at a later date (to be announced).

Haitian Tree Art Prints Now Available

This print by Aruba Mahmud is based on a real ficus tree,

growing near the city of St. Marc, Haiti.

With her stunning use of colour, Aruba’s expression portrays a glimpse

of the beauty and vitality of Haiti and the Haitian people.

Prints are $25 each (free shipping), with $5 from each sale donated to Rayjon.

Our Mission

 Rayjon Share Care supports partners in Haiti and the Dominican Republic to enhance their well-being and capacity. Rayjon provides a bridge between those who can help and those who need and want help in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and other developing countries.

 Our Vision

A world in which people have an equal opportunity to thrive ─ empowered, independent and self-sufficient.

Our Causes

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Highlights & Challenges of a Covid-19 Year

Even with the burdens of a global pandemic, economic crisis, political unrest and crippling gang violence, our Haitian & Dominican partners and friends continued to teach us about hope in 2020-2021. We celebrate their achievements toward lasting change.

Rayjon’s Impact on the World

For 35+ years we have been making a difference in communities in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and other developing countries. Here are some examples of the tangible IMPACT of your donation:

Vaccinations for children and adults

Children educated from preschool to grade 13

Pairs of prescription eyeglasses prescribed & fitted in 9 countries

Impoverished elementary & secondary students received tuition support to attend school

Malnourished children received life-saving treatment

Women received loans & training to start small businesses

Adults learned to read & write

“Women’s leadership is important to me because women are mothers of  life…When women decide for the community, they do great things, they do the right things.” 

– Bénicie Pierre


Tapestry 2030 podcast & illustration series, in partnership with the Ontario Council for International Cooperation, featuring Rayjon in conversation with Haitian Women’s Federation leaders.

We envision a world in which all people have an equal opportunity to thrive. We reject all forms of racism and injustice that stand in the way.