Rayjon is excited to announce an exciting new initiative in support of the grassroots Haitian Women’s Federation. The federation is made up of representatives from 7 different women’s associations from 7 villages in the rural St. Marc region of Haiti. They are 350+ women strong.

Together the women have developed plans to open a fruit processing factory; to generate income, build the local economy, and feed families. They have already purchased the land, and are the proud owners of rice/corn mills. 

The factory will create jobs, and income earned will be invested back into the community, to support additional development projects headed up by the women. 

“It will allow the women to lift ourselves up from the ground.”

- Fedena, Women's Federation Leader

Listen to Haitian Women’s Federation leaders as they share their vision for the project.

Next Steps:

– Construct new building to process, dry and store the produce

– Purchase additional food processing equipment

– Plant a sustainable tree nursery

How can I stand in solidarity with the Haitian Women’s Federation?   

Order a breadfruit T-shirt! 

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Breadfruit is a pretty amazing plant. But the transformation actually comes from the women themselves

It’s the transformational power of women putting their heads together to accomplish a goal that is really producing the lasting changes in this Haitian community.

We’re standing with you, ladies!

Who are some of the amazing women of the Haitian Women’s Federations? Read their stories here.

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