Remember back to 2020-2021 when we announced an exciting new “breadfruit” initiative in partnership with the grassroots Haitian Women’s Federation and PWRDFYou won’t believe the results350+ women strong, and representing 7 distinct villages, these ladies are leading the charge for sustainable development in their communities. 

Now finishing Year 2 of the project, the women have achieved some huge goals:

          – Planting of a sustainable breadfruit tree nursery

          – Construction of a processing factory

         – Launch of agri-business, providing milling services for local farmers of rice,                   corn and other grains

breadfruit saplings women's federation

By June 2022, the first 500 breadfruit saplings were ready for distribution and sale to grow even more breadfruit!

With the support of Trees That Feed Foundation, all 500 saplings were purchased – generating income for the Haitian Women’s Federation to reinvest into the community (to support education, health care, microfinance/business development, etc.)

The women have successfully developed two modest, but reliable, sources of income:  providing mills services to hundreds of farming families, and cultivation of breadfruit saplings for sale to both individuals and other organizations. 

Check out the slideshow below to follow the progress from project start-up to current stage! 🙂

“The farmers will earn more profits with the product they [already] have in their gardens…The women will have more respect in the community, because we’re going to be more valuable to the community.”

—Bénicie, Haitian Women’s Federation Leader

“It will allow women to lift ourselves up from the ground.”


—Fedena, Haitian Women’s Federation Leader

 “If the women don’t express themselves, nobody would know what their feelings are, what their intention is, what their opinions are about the world.”

– Renaud Thomas, Director, Rayjon Share Care Haiti

Women’s leadership is important to me because women are the mother of humanity. Without women, life doesn’t have any sense.”


—Elida, Community Development Agent

Who are the amazing members of the Haitian Women’s Federation? Read more of their stories here

The “Breadfruit Project” is transforming lives through:


white apple food security

Breadfruit is a high-yield fruit, which can be ground into flour and made into limitless nutritious foods–reducing food insecurity and increasing well-being


women's leadership

Training and skills (financial mgt., sustainable agriculture, business operation) is strengthening women leaders to direct future development initiatives independently


Reforestation and sustainable agricultural are helping mitigate climate change and the effects of extreme deforestation, and develop resiliency against natural disasters

All of this tremendous progress has been supported by a generous grant from PWRDF, and contributions from our wonderful donors to Rayjon. THANK YOU!

Amazing, right? Now that you’re intrigued, check out these three short videos to learn even more about the “Breadfruit Project” and its impact in rural Haiti.

Individuals benefitting from access to mills, increased food security, training, and knowledge about sustainable agriculture

Elida video explains expansion

Listen as Madame Elida explains the next phase of expansion.


rice and corn mills in action video

See the rice/corn mills in action! Wheeee!

Breadfruit is a pretty amazing plant. But the transformation actually comes from the women themselves

It’s the transformational power of women putting their heads together to accomplish a goal that is producing the lasting changes in Haitian communities.

We’re standing with you, ladies!

To learn more about the transformative power of breadfruit check out the links below. 

And stay tuned for more updates! Our partners at Trees That Feed are assisting the women with launching a “Tree Tracker” app that will allow us to follow the newly planted trees on Google Maps! 

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