The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 interlinked objectives designed to serve as a “shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future” (UN). Adopted over 150 countries worldwide in 2015, the goals form the foundation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and are actions that we can take together: to eradicate poverty, to end inequality, and to address climate change. Included in Canada’s commitment to the global goals, is the promise that that no one is left behind.

The SDGs lay call for action by all countries, to end all forms of poverty, to promote prosperity, and to protect the well-being of the Earth and all its inhabitants.

The SDGs are truly interconnected, and progress in one area is both linked to, and dependent on, action in others. Collaboration and partnership will be necessary to the success of all SDGs. Rayjon’s partners in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, with the support of our Canadian organization, are working toward the following goals:

Rayjon’s programs and efforts focus on 5 main Global Goals:

SDG1: No Poverty

SDG3: Good Health and Well-Being

SDG4: Quality Education

SDG5: Gender Equality

SDG 5: Gender Equality, is a cross-cutting theme that Rayjon aims to support in all of our programs and activities.

SDG8: Decent Work & Economic Growth

SDG17: Partnerships for the Goals

Rayjon Share Care invites you to learn more about the SDGs and how you can get involved to see that these goals become reality by 2030. 

Volunteering with Rayjon in Canada is an opportunity to get involved in action toward the SDGs as a global citizen!