Huge thanks to all of the curlers, volunteers, donors and friends who rallied together to make our 4th Annual Curling Event for Rayjon such a success!

We’re still tallying final funds raised, but we’re estimating very close to our $8,000 goal! 

  • A special shout out to all of the first-time curlers, young and old, who gave it their all! And to their “coaches” who demonstrated the utmost patience (mostly! ;).

  • It was great to be able to share with you all about the incredible efforts of teachers, parents, and students in the small village of Pinson Haiti, where their community school is thriving, despite many challenges and hardships. Thank you for standing with them

Why Rayjon Curling?

It’s been a very tough few years for the small mountain-top community of Pinson. Haitian families have faced unprecedented political upheaval, rising gang terror, and escalating costs of basic necessities. Through all of this, parents and teachers in Pinson have banded together to keep the school going–to provide a solid foundation for 250+ children from Kindergarten through Grade 6.

What makes the Pinson School so special?

Located at the top of a mountain, far from any main route, the Pinson Community School is the only school for many miles around. Many children walk more than an hour each day. Families in Pinson have few employment opportunities, and most rely on sustenance farming. In such a remote area, it’s hard to find (and pay) qualified teachers. All of the teachers live in Pinson, some of them former graduates with only a Grade 8 education or less. Rayjon supports ongoing training for Pinson teachers, who are very proud of the reputation they have earned as a top school in the region. Parents believe in the value of a good education, and contribute as much as they can in tuition fees to support operating costs. There is no government funding to support the school. Operating costs are covered by a combination of parent contributions + donations received by Rayjon.

How does curling help?

Funds raised at the Rayjon Curling Event will join with tuition fees collected locally to support the Pinson School, providing quality education to more than 250 children!

Pinson School students Haiti
school girls Pinson Haiti