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1,001 Nights: An Evening in the Middle East

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of this amazing event! Stay tuned for announcements about our next Culture & Cuisine event!

Saturday, February 4th, 2023

Ticket Options

Option 2: Tapas, Cocktails + Entertainment

8:00 – 11:30 PM @ Point Brewing Co.

705 Lite St., Point Edward

Munch on delicious Persian tapas in the bar room, while Roza mingles with the crowd and explains each bite. Live music, belly dancers, & silent auction/raffle. Roza & Point Brewing Co. will be creating 2 inspired cocktails available for purchase all night long. Your ticket includes one cocktail or mocktail.


Roza will be auctioning off a week of customized meal prep (value $450!, not. inc. grocery costs)!

Ticket sales end February 1st at 5PM! 

Prefer no alcohol? We’ve got you covered. We have non-alcoholic ticket options that will replace your craft beers/cocktails with delicious mocktails instead. 🙂

Meet your host and chef

Roza Barnes, Bae Salamati

Roza’s journey with food started when she was young, watching her mother preparing beautiful Persian meals for the family. Food is a major part of the culture, cooking is how Persians show love to everyone.

Roza has been working in the food industry for over 20 years as well as cooking for her family, friends and catering special events. It was a very organic transition to start her own Personal Chef business (Bae Salamati). Many of her friends and family members enjoy her food, they are also always amazed by her ability to prepare every meal from scratch, daily. Roza started to offer her services to her close friends and the demand has been astounding. Fast forward to today where she has honed her skills, fed her passion and is excited to share it with you.

For Roza cooking is a creative process that brings great pleasure. Once she read that the mood you are in when cooking becomes absorbed into the meal you are preparing and thus offers joy with each meal, she is the happiest when cooking.

Roza Barnes, Bae Salamati

Her signature line truely sums up her love of cooking, her personality and how she has impacted her community.

Bae Salamati – Spread the joy!

Everyone at the table

Ticketed events are not always accessible to everyone. We can change that. When purchasing a ticket you can choose to gift a place for someone else to attend that otherwise couldn’t. Rayjon and Bae Salamati are also making a limited # of tickets available to community partners at no cost.


/inˈklo͞oZH(ə)n,iNGˈklo͞oZH(ə)n/      noun
1. the action or state of including or of being included

More Reasons Not to Miss This Event!

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Live music all evening–starting from mellow rhythm to accompany the sit-down tasting, and ramping up to higher energy sounds in the second part of the evening. 


Photo by Alex Haney on Unsplash


Culture & Cuisine is designed to help people connect–across tables and across cultures. Don’t miss your opportunity to meet new people as you enjoy new food, browse the fabulous auction items, and enjoy the dancing. 

Don’t miss our Persian-inspired photo booth!

Photo by Martin Zangerl on Unsplash


There is so much to learn about both ancient and modern-day Persian history, culture, and traditions. Join us as we explore. Come with questions and an open heart/mind.

Why Support Rayjon?

Every dollar raised at Culture & Cuisine will support strong leaders in Haiti and the Dominican Republic as they seek to improve their communities. Follow the links below to learn more about the empowerment of women, health care, education, and microbusiness initiatives Rayjon supports.

Culture & Cuisine Partners

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1,001 Nights: An Evening in the Middle East is our 3rd Culture & Cuisine event, and we look forward to hosting more in 2023-2024. Sign-up for our e-bulletin or follow us on social media to get alerts about upcoming events.